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Warlock: 13 Songs for High Voice

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    1. Composer: Peter Warlock
    2. Instrumentation: Piano, High Voice
    3. ISMN: 979-022021787-6

    The Batchelor (C-sharp – F-sharp)
    The Birds (D – E-flat)
    Captain Stratton's Fancy (C – F)
    Contented lover (E-flat – A-flat)
    Cricketers of Hambledon (B-flat – F)
    Droll lover (B – E-flat)
    Elore lo (C – F)
    Hey troly loly lo (C – F)
    Late summer (B – F-sharp)
    Mr. Belloc's Fancy (D – G (A))
    Piggesnie (D – G)
    Tom Tyler (D – F-sharp (G))
    To the memory of a great singer (D-flat – G)