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Vinciguerra: Crossing Borders - Book 6

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    • Composer: Remo Vinciguerra
    • Instrumentation: Piano
    • ISMN: 979-057708413-8

    Crossing Borders is a new progressive series of volumes designed to introduce the developing pianist to a broad range of popular music, including jazz, blues, rock and pOp. Most of the pieces are original, written by Remo Vinciguerra, and the series as a whole is intended to be used as a livelyand entertaining parallel to the standard classical training. The rhythmic, melodic andharmonic fingerprints of a wide range of popular styles are gradually introduced, yet a classical spirit or framework can also be recognised in much of the music. in accordance with the relative freedom typical of popular music, many interpretative decisions, especially concerning dynamics andpedalling, are left to the players. Tempo indications are for guidance only, and need not be taken too literally.