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The Orgelbüchlein Project - Volume 4 (Christian Life and Conduct, Chorales 87–113)

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    1. ISMN: 979-057701498-2
    2. Size: 9.2 x 11.9 inches
    3. Pages: 139

    The Orgelbüchlein Project is a collective composition project aiming to complete Bach's unfinished manuscript known as 'Orgelbüchlein'. in the 'Little Organ Book', Bach laid out a complete hymnal of short organ chorales, 164 in all, but only completed 46 of them. Why the remaining 118 were left as blank pages, with only a title at the head, remains a mystery, but they inspired organist William Whitehead to found the Orgelbüchlein Project, in which contemporary composers are invited to contribute a piece to completing the collection.

    List of composers:
    Nigel Allcoat
    Johann Sebastian Bach
    Sally Beamish
    Christian von Blohn
    Timothy Byram-Wigfield
    John Butt
    Stephen Hough
    Justė Janulytė
    Simon Johnson
    Jonas Jūrkunas
    Daniel Kidane
    Till Alexander Körber
    Ronny Krippner
    David Matthews
    Nico Muhly
    Anthony Powers
    Tarik O'Regan
    Roxanna Panufnik
    Poul Ruders
    Sven-David Sandström
    Robert Saxton
    Peter Shepherd
    Andrew Synnott
    Zsigmond Szathmáry
    William Whitehead