Strauss: Violin Sonata In E-flat Major, Op. 18

Universal Edition - UE33385

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    1. Composer: Richard Strauss
    2. Instrumentation: Violin, Piano
    3. ISMN: 979-000807825-5
    4. Size: 9.1 x 12.0 inches
    5. Pages: 80

    Strauss's 1887 Violin Sonata Op. 18 is the last and most popular of his five instrumental chamber pieces. Based on traditional sonata form, this expressive piece contains distinctive Straussian characteristics evident in his later symphonic settings and operas, and it was one of the composer's most favorite performance pieces. Universal Edition presents a freshly engraved edition of this classic, drawn from the latest flute edited by Emmanuel Pahud, providing a state-of-the-art publication with improved legibility. The new attractive notation of this edition will be another incentive for every serious violinist to perform, as Strauss did himself, this most beautiful early work.

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    1. RCM Violin 2013: ARCT in Performance

Type: Sheet Music