Smetana: From the Homeland

Z domoviny

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'In an easier style, intended rather for its use at home than for concert performances', this is how Bedrich Smetana described his two 'duos' for violin and piano Aus der Heimat, written 'in a truly national style, albeit with my own melodic tunes'. These pieces are two expressive and also violinistically rewarding little settings which the already deaf Czech musician composed for a noble patron in 1880.

The present new edition puts the arrangement of the Prague-born violinist and violin teacher Hans Sitt who condensed the form of the 'duos' and made them easier with regard to the playing technique, right next to Smetana's original version. No matter whether in the original version or as arrangement, the two melodious miniatures are definitely worth playing. They are a valuable addition to the violin repertoire and will broaden your view of the chamber musician Bedrich Smetana.