Schumann-Liszt: Frühlingsnacht

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Robert Schumann's "Frühlingsnacht" ("Spring Night") was one of his most popular songs even in the 19th century. Franz Liszt made a piano arrangement of it that in the space of under 70 measures emerges as a veritable concert piece. It makes high demands on the pianist's stamina, especially in its triplet chords. But this did not hinder its wide popularity. The first edition was published in 1872 and enjoyed many reprints during Liszt's lifetime. in 1895, this piece was also republished in a newly engraved edition. with its abundant technical indications, assorted ossias and the incorporation of the text of the poem above the music, Liszt's arrangement makes the highest demands on a music engraver – a challenge that this Henle Urtext edition is delighted to meet.