Say: String Quartet, Op. 29 ("Divorce")

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    1. Composer: Fazıl Say
    2. Instrumentation: String Quartet (Violin I, Violin II, Viola, Cello)
    3. ISMN: 979-000117486-2
    4. Size: 9.3 x 12.2 inches
    5. Pages: 55

    From the composer:

    "In the composition of this string quartet, I have permitted myself to be led by my personality and experiences and have attempted to relate experiences such as divorce, separation and the failure of a relationship in the language of music with the aid of notes and rhythms. As is the case with my other compositions, this quartet is more a work originating from intuition than the description of a historical event, a journey or a place.

    The beginning of the first movement is somewhat wild, rapid and sorrowful with an irregular rhythm. Intermittent sections ensue which are reminiscent of a jazz club. Living history is our present which we are currently experiencing.

    The second movement with a melancholic atmosphere is dominated by colours, the subject of searching, the search for a remedy and unhappiness.

    In contrast, the final movement is intended to express the hatefulness, arguments and disputes within a relationship which have been transformed into a profound trauma."