Satie: 9 Children's Pieces

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  • Composer: Erik Satie
  • Instrumentation: Piano
  • ISBN: 9781854722454
  • Size: 9.1 x 11.9 inches


Satie was a somewhat eccentric French composer whose harmonic innovations had considerable influence on later composers. His piano compositions may at first appear rather insubstantial, but their subtle simplicity displays a real poetic gift. Thesethree groups of pieces all written in 1913, are deceptively easy and are ingeniously devised to make full and basic use of the five fingers of each hand.

Menus Propos Enfantins: * Le chant guerrier du Roi des Haricots * Ce que dit la petite Princesse des Tulipes * Valse du Chocolat aux Amandes

Enfantillages Pittoresques: * Petite Prélude à la journée * Berceuse * Marche d u Grand Escalier

Peccadilles Importunes: * Être jaloux de son cmarade qui a une grosse tête * Lui manger sa tartine * Profiter de ce qu'il ades cors aux pieds pour lui prendre son cerceau


  • Menus propos enfantins (1913)
  • Enfantillages pittoresques (1913)
  • Peccadilles importunes (1913)