Satie: 6 Nocturnes

Editions Salabert - SLB5774

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    1. Composer: Erik Satie
    2. Instrumentation: Piano
    3. ISMN: 979-004805887-3
    4. Size: 8.9 x 12.0 inches
    5. Pages: 15

    Shortly before his death in 1925, Satie told Robert Caby that the manuscript of his sixth Nocturne was virtually complete and might be published someday. Six decades later, musicologist Robert Orledge examined Satie's notebooks from the period and discovered a single full draft of a piano piece, missing only two bars of the left-hand part. Orledge completed a performing version and it was published as Satie's 6e Nocturne in 1994.

    United for the first time in a single album 87 years after their composition, Erik Satie's Six Nocturnes reveal a unity of conception to which the most secretive key is found in the harmonic writing.

  • Contains the following pieces:
    1. 1er Nocturne
    2. 2ème Nocturne
    3. 3ème Nocturne
    4. 4ème Nocturne
    5. 5ème Nocturne
    6. 6e Nocturne
  • Syllabi containing pieces in this book include:
    1. MTAC Piano 2012: Advanced Level

Type: Sheet Music