Ravel: Sonata for Violin and Cello

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In 1920, Maurice Ravel was asked by his publisher Durand to contribute to an issue of "La Revue Musicale" dedicated to Claude Debussy. A supplement included the first movement of Ravel's Sonata as well as works contributed by Debussy's friends Stravinsky, Satie, Dukas, Bartok and de Falla to name only a few. This 1st movement of Ravel's Sonata, of which the autograph is lost, then developed into a large scale four movement chamber music work utilizing a more modern music vocabulary than found in almost any other Ravel composition.

Included in the appendix are the original fingerings by the performers which are not found in the first edition. They reflect how Ravel must have heard the work in rehearsals and as such are a document of early 20th century performance practice.

Note: Contains 2 performance scores. The cello part does not allow for page turns in the first movement; therefore the edition includes an additional cello part in small print presenting the entire first movement on a double page without a page turn