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Piano Music of Africa and the African Diaspora - Volume 1

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  • This first volume for advanced beginners offers a wonderful introduction to Ragtime and Jazz as well as syncopation and different articulations. The pieces range from light-hearted pieces like 'Kwela,' the Zulu term for dance, to soulful and spiritual pieces like 'Dusk.' This volume includes performance notes for each piece.

    * Isak Roux: Kwela No. 1
    * Ulysses Kay: Tender Thought
    * Hale Smith: My Scarf is Yellow
    * Nkeiru Okoye: Dusk
    * Robert Mawuena Kwami: Piano Piece No. 2, Call and Response
    * Halik El-Dabh: Soufiane
    * Hale Smith: Off-Beat Shorty
    * Florence B. Price: Ticklin' Toes
    * Valerie Capers: Sweet Mister Jelly Roll
    * Nkeiru Okoye: Dancing Barefoot in the Rain
    * Isak Roux: Lullaby
    * Valerie Capers: The Monk
    * Bangambula Vindu: Lullaby
    * J. H. Kwabena Nketia: Builsa Work Song
    * Christian Onyeji: Ufie III

  • Contains the following pieces:
    • Roux: Kwela No. 1
    • Kay: Tender Thought
    • H. Smith: My Scarf is Yellow
    • Okoye: Dusk
    • Kwami: Piano Piece No. 2 (Call and Response)
    • El-Dabh: Soufiane
    • H. Smith: Off-Beat Shorty
    • Price: Ticklin' Toes
    • Capers: Sweet Mister Jelly Roll
    • Okoye: Dancing Barefoot in the Rain
    • Roux: Lullaby
    • Capers: The Monk
    • Vindu: Lullaby
    • Nketia: Builsa Work Song
    • Onyeji: Ufie III