Piano Album: Bärenreiter Contemporary Composers

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    1. Composers: Manfred Trojahn, Thomas Daniel Schlee, Heinz Winbeck, Rudolf Kelterborn, Philipp Maintz, Günter Bialas, Miroslav Srnka, Giselher Klebe, L'ubica Čekovská, Jean Barraqué, Peter Michael Hamel, Beat Furrer, Michael Töpel, Vadim Karassikov, Ulrich Stranz, Charlotte Seither, Matthias Pintscher, Andrea Lorenzo Scartazzini, Ernst Krenek
    2. Editor: Michael Töpel
    3. Instrumentation: Piano
    4. ISMN: 979-000652589-8
    5. Size: 9.1 x 11.8 inches
    6. Pages: 103

    Awarded with the German Music Edition Prize "Best Edition" 2010!

    This Piano Album offers a wealth of discoveries and stimulating pieces from twenty composers of the 20th and 21st centuries. These diverse pieces, by composers working in quite different styles, impressively demonstrate how topical and inspiring the piano is for contemporary composers. Their works invite you on a voyage of discovery – using the piano's 88 keys and occasionally its inside workings!

    Players experience the anatomy of an individual note, grasp what "touch" means, and experience the piano as a continent of undreamt-of musical possibilities. The pieces which result from improvisation encourage experimentation in the area of spontaneous music-making. Many of the works included here were composed recently especially for this unusual album, or are published for the first time. The cover has been designed by the artist "rosalie", reflecting the lively and varied contents. The collection includes a broad spectrum of repertoire ranging from easy to more demanding works.

  • Contains the following pieces:
    1. Barraqué: Retour
    2. Bialas: Two Intermezzos
    3. Čekovská: famisi
    4. Furrer: Two Easy Piano Pieces
    5. Hamel: "...es werden nur Steine bleiben."
    6. Karassikov: four short pieces
    7. Kelterborn: Piano Piece 2 "a una voce - a due mani"
    8. Klebe: Theme and 39 Variations
    9. Krenek: Prélude
    10. Maintz: achtstück. piano piece No. 1
    11. Pintscher: on a clear day
    12. Scartazzini: abracci auguri
    13. Schlee: Silberne Schnur
    14. Seither: Sous mes yeux
    15. Srnka: ta vetsí
    16. Stranz: Meditation
    17. Töpel: Canzonetta
    18. Trojahn: Prélude No. 1
    19. Trojahn: Nocturne. déjà là, printanier crépuscule
    20. Winbeck: In nomine Leon(h)ardi