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Mozart: Violin Sonatas - Fragments

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    1. Composer: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
    2. Editor: Wolf-Dieter Seiffert
    3. Fingering: Ariane Haering
    4. Instrumentation: Violin, Piano
    5. ISMN: 979-020181039-3
    6. Size: 9.3 x 12.2 inches
    7. Pages: 137
    8. Urtext / Critical Edition

    This Urtext edition contains rewarding discoveries for all lovers of Mozart. Mozart left behind a total of eight unfinished works for piano and violin, predominantly discontinued sonata movements. The music is so wonderful that Henle has published a separate volume with this group of works – all of which (aside from a fragment in the appendix to the edition) have been completed so that they can be performed. Henle not only includes the familiar completed versions by Maximilian Stadler but also new ones by Robert D. Levin.

  • Contains the following pieces:
    1. Sonata movement in B-flat Major, K. 372
    2. Andante and Fugue in A Major, K. 402 (385e)
    3. Fantasy in C Minor (violin), K. 396 (385f)
    4. Sonata movement in A Major, K. Anh. 48 (480a/385E)
    5. Sonata in C Major, K. 403 (385c)
    6. Andante and Allegretto in C Major, K. 404 (385d)
    7. Sonata movement in G Major, K. Anh. 47 (546a)
    8. Sonata movement, K. Anh. 50 (526a)