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Mozart: Pieces for Violin and Orchestra, K. 261, 269 and 373

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    1. Composer: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
    2. Editor: Wolf-Dieter Seiffert
    3. Fingering: Kurt Guntner
    4. Cadenzas: Kurt Guntner
    5. Instrumentation: Violin, Orchestra
    6. ISMN: 979-020180707-2
    7. Size: 9.3 x 12.2 inches
    8. Pages: 42
    9. Urtext / Critical Edition

    These incomparable treasures of the violin literature are too well-known to require special praise here. Each solo part appears in an impeccable urtext edition accompanied by cadenzas, improvised lead-ins (Eingänge), fingering, and bowing marks. The piano reduction sounds beautiful and is easy to play -- or, to quote Mozart‘s own words, "it comes off as smooth as silk."

    This edition contains both marked and unmarked violin parts.