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Mozart: Bassoon Sonata in B-flat Major, K. 292 (196c)

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    1. Composer: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
    2. Editor: Henrik Wiese
    3. Figured bass realization: Wolfgang Kostujak
    4. Instrumentation: Basso continuo, Bassoon
    5. ISMN: 979-020180827-7
    6. Size: 9.3 x 12.2 inches
    7. Pages: 34
    8. Urtext / Critical Edition

    Did Mozart intend this work to be a duo for two bass instruments, or – as the simple basso-like manner of the second part suggests – a sonata for bassoon and keyboard instrument? We will probably never know the answer because the autograph has gone missing.

    Henle's edition allows different instrumentation as it contains a basso part (cello) as well as a fully realized bass for piano accompaniment.