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Lutosławski: Two Studies for Piano

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    1. Composer: Witold Lutosławski
    2. Instrumentation: Piano
    3. ISBN: 978-0-7119-2528-1
    4. Size: 9 x 12.0 inches
    5. Pages: 16

    Two Studies For Piano consists of two expressive, virtuoso pieces full of scale and arpeggio runs, which require advanced technique and mature musical knowledge. Written in 1940-41, during Witold Lutosławski's early period, the studies clearly show the influence of Polish folk music, both harmonically and melodically, however, part of Lutosławski's art was to transform and embed folk music in his classical composition rather than to quote it exactly. Traits of Polish folklore remain detectable even when he turned away from the explicit use of folk music and developed his own brand of twelve-tone music.