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La voz latina - Volume 1 (Cuba, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Brazil)

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  • Work Languages: English, German, Spanish
  • ISMN: 9790014119287
  • Pages: 128


A collection of 14 vibrant choral pieces from Cuba, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador and Brazil. Covering a range of styles from cumbia to Cuban son, this music is full of the characteristic rhythms and melodies which capture the unique vitality of Latin America. with background information, translations and pronunciation guides, enabling performers to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of Latin music, this collection provides a great addition to the repertoire for any choral concert.

  • A varied collection of mostly secular music, with some sacred pieces and carols
  • Easy to advanced level
  • Includes introductions to the songs, translations of all texts and guidance on pronunciation
  • Spoken recordings of Spanish and Portuguese lyrics are available in the Links section below
  • Suggested recordings of authentic performances, especially selected by the editors, are available in the Links section below

  • CUBA

  • Tú no sabe inglé (Music: Emilio Grenet, Lyrics: Nicolás Guillén, Arrangement: Octavio Marín)
  • Juramento (Music and Lyrics: Miguel Matamoros, Arrangement: Electo Silva)
  • Entre el espanto y la ternura (Music: Beatriz Corona, Lyrics: Silvio Rodríguez)
  • La maza (Music and Lyrics: Silvio Rodríguez, Arrangement: Juan Carlos Urrutia Palacio)
  • Penas (Music: Beatriz Corona, Lyrics: José Martí)
  • Iré a Santiago (Music: Roberto Valera, Lyrics: Federico García Lorca)
  • Vasija de barro (Music and Lyrics: Carlos Gonzalo Benítez Gómez, Arrangement: Javier Zentner)
  • Por el camino (Music and Lyrics: José Reyna Natera, Arrangement: Josefina Severino)
  • Navidad negra (Christmas) (Music and Lyrics: José Benito Barros Palomino, Arrangement: Luis Craff)
  • Esta bella noche (Christmas) (Music and Lyrics: Luis Eduardo Galián)
  • Kasar mie la gaji (Music: Alberto Grau, Lyrics: Traditional, from the Sahel region of Africa)
  • Kyrie (from Missa Afro-Brasileira) (Music: Carlos Alberto Pinto Fonseca)
  • Muié Rendêra (Music and Lyrics: Traditional, Arrangement: Carlos Alberto Pinto Fonseca)
  • Três cantos nativos (Music and Lyrics: Traditional Kraó, Arrangement: Marcos Leite)