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Jolivet: Concertino for Trumpet & Piano

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    1. Composer: André Jolivet
    2. Instrumentation: Piano, Trumpet
    3. ISMN: 979-004409372-4

    This work, commissioned by the Paris Conservatoire as a competition piece for instrumentalists, holds a special, perhaps precursory place in the work of André Jolivet. The aesthetic is situated within the general trajectory of Jolivet's work that began after WorldWar II: a synthesis of a magical, incantatory style still under the direct influence of Varèse's work of the 1930s and an attempt to create a more easily accessible music brought about by the war years. Introduction and performing notes by Raphaël Dechoux. "Musique française" is a series designed for students and teachers as well as professionals. These editions offer masterworks in French music, with performance suggestions and historical and stylistic commentary by noted scholars.