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John Blow's Anthology

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    1. Composers: Delphin Strungk, John Blow, Johann Jakob Froberger, Johann Christian Fischer
    2. Editor: Thurston Dart
    3. ISMN: 979-022020974-1
    4. Size: 9.0 x 11.9 inches
    5. Pages: 64

    A collection of 20 pieces by Froberger, Fischer and Strungk in the hand of John Blow, transcribed and edited from the manuscripts in the Brussels Conservatoire by Davitt Moroney.

    BLOW, John (Ground in E minor)
    FISCHER, Johann (Chaconne in G major; Suite in D major; Suite in E minor; Suite in F major)
    FROBERGER, Johann (Capriccio in D minor; Cappricio in G major; Fantasia on ‘Sol La Re'; Ricercar in D minor; Ricercar in E minor; Suite in D minor; Toccata 1 in A minor; Toccata 2 in D minor; Toccata 3 in E minor; Toccata 4 in G major; Toccata 5 in C major; Toccata 6 in G minor; Toccata 7 in F major; Toccata 8 in G major)
    STRUNGK, Delphin (Capriccio in F major)