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Ireland: The Complete Works for Voice and Piano - Volume 3

Format Descriptions
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    • Composer: John Ireland
    • Format: Medium Voice
    • Instrumentation: Medium Voice, Piano
    • Work Language: English
    • ISMN: 979-022020919-2
    • Size: 9.1 x 12.0 inches
    • Pages: 64
  • Contains the following pieces:
    • Beckon to me to come (from Five Poems)
    • In my sage moments (from Five Poems)
    • It was what you bore with you, woman (from Five Poems)
    • The tragedy of that moment (from Five Poems)
    • Dear, think not that they will foreget you (from Five Poems)
    • Summer Schemes (from Three Songs to Poems)
    • Her song (from Three Songs to Poems)
    • Weathers (from Three Songs to Poems)
    • Great Things
    • A Thanksgiving (from Five XVIth Century Poems)
    • All in a garden green (from Five XVIth Century Poems)
    • An aside (from Five XVIth Century Poems)
    • A Report Song (from Five XVIth Century Poems)
    • A Sweet Season (from Five XVIth Century Poems)
    • We'll to the woods no more (from Two Poems)
    • In Boyhood (from Two Poems)