Haydn: String Trios - Volume 3

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  • Composer: Joseph Haydn
  • Editors: Barry S. Brook, Bruce C. MacIntyre
  • Introduction: Sonja Gerlach
  • Instrumentation: Cello, Violin I, Violin II
  • ISMN: 9790201806280
  • Size: 9.3 x 12.2 inches
  • Pages: 57
  • Urtext / Critical Edition


Although Haydn is said to have composed about 60 string trios, most of them must be discounted for source-critical and stylistic reasons. The eighteen trios which definitely lay claim to authenticity were published by Henle in the first two volumes of this set. This third volume contains eight trios attributed to Haydn, although his authorship cannot be proven.


  • Divertimento in D Major, Hob. V:D1
  • Divertimento in F Major, Hob. V:F1
  • Divertimento in B-flat Major, Hob. V:B1
  • Divertimento in A Major, Hob. V:A2
  • Divertimento in C Major, Hob. V:C4
  • Divertimento in D Major, Hob. V:D3
  • Divertimento in G Major, Hob. V:G1
  • Divertimento in C Major, Hob. V:C1