Gounod: Faust

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    1. Composer: Charles Gounod
    2. Format: Vocal Score
    3. Instrumentation (this edition): Piano Reduction, Voice
    4. Originally for: Opera
    5. Work Languages: French, German
    6. ISMN: 979-000653795-2
    7. Size: 7.5 x 10.6 inches
    8. Pages: 456
    9. Urtext / Critical Edition

    Charles Gounod's international renown is based on the success of his opera "Faust" after Goethe's drama: The aging Faust makes a pact with the devil. He sells his soul to Mephistopheles and in return gets back his youth – and he experiences new happiness in love when he meets the young Marguerite.

    The vocal score to Gounod's masterpiece (completely sung version) assembles many popular numbers such as Marguerite's "Jewel Aria" and the "Lied of the King in Thule" as well as Mephistopheles's "Rondo of the Golden Calf" and Faust's Cavatina "Salut ! demeure chaste et pure".