From Bartók to Stravinsky - Easy Modern Piano Pieces

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Fifteen of the easiest pieces have been selected from the twentieth-century repertoire. Six of these do not exceed the compass of a fifth. We have deliberately omitted pieces from works which should, without fail, be included in all piano teaching, Bartók's 'Mikrokosmos' and 'For Children'. with their attractive melodies and simple and organized structure of rhythm and harmony, the pieces in this selection prove that access to contemporary music can be made easy even for the beginner.

  • B. Bartók: Allegro deciso
  • B. Bartók: Andante
  • B. Bartók: Peasant Dance
  • B. Bartók: Slovak Dance
  • B. Bartók: Wo warst du Lämmchen mein?
  • H. Badings: Siciliano
  • H. Genzmer: Gavotte
  • P. Hindemith: Song and March from 'Let's Build a Town'
  • P. Ladosa: Hungarian Dance
  • C. Orff: Two Pieces
  • Mátyás Seiber: Rhythmic Study
  • I. Strawinsky: Waltz for Children - Ernst Toch: Piece for Children