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French Violin Music of the Baroque Era - Volume 2

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    1. Composers: Louis-Antoine Dornel, Jean-Jacques-Baptiste Anet, Antoine Dauvergne, Jean-Marie Leclair, Jean-Baptiste Quentin, François Francoeur, Charles-Antoine Branche
    2. Editor: Gisela Meyn-Beckmann
    3. Instrumentation: Violin, Piano
    4. ISMN: 979-020180353-1
    5. Size: 9.3 x 12.2 inches
    6. Pages: 117
    7. Urtext / Critical Edition

    Two lots of seven violin sonatas from the heyday of the 18th century French Violin School: Whoever plays these sonatas (with basso continuo), will go on a voyage of discovery to a musical continent that is today mainly visited by specialists. But it is worth it! All of these sonatas appeared in much sought after publications of the time and were played across Europe. The editor of both of these Urtext editions, Gisela Meyn-Beckmann, is a renowned connoisseur of the repertoire and has ensured that there is a great deal of variety.

  • Contains the following pieces:
    1. Anet: Violin Sonata in E Minor, Op. 3, No. 3
    2. Dornel: Violin Sonata in B Minor, Op. 2, No. 5
    3. Quentin: Violin Sonata in A Major, Liv. 1, No. 1
    4. Dauvergne: Violin Sonata in E Major, Op. 2, No. 11
    5. Francoeur: Violin Sonata in G Minor, Liv. 2, 6
    6. Branche: Violin Sonata in F Major, Liv. 1, 2
    7. Leclair: Violin Sonata in B Minor, Liv. 2, No. 11