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Elizabethan Love Songs

Format Descriptions
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    • Instrumentation: Piano, High Voice
    • ISMN: 979-006003447-3

    • A Shepherd in a Shade (Dowland)
    • As Flora Slept (Hilton)
    • Come Again (Dowland)
    • Come Phillis (Ford)
    • Deare if you Change (Dowland)
    • Deare Through Your Mind (Corkine)
    • Diaphenia (Pilkington)
    • Fain Would I Change That Note (Jones)
    • Faire Sweet Cruell (Ford)
    • Fine Knacks for Ladies (Dowland)
    • Flow not so Fast ye Fountains (Dowland)
    • Go to Bed Sweet Muse (Jones)
    • Here She Her Sacred Bower Adornes (Campion)
    • If I Urge my Kind Desires (Rosseter)
    • If She Forsake Me (Rosseter)
    • On a Time (Attey)
    • Phillis Was a Faire Maid (Giles Earle's MS)
    • Shaded with Olive Trees (Greaves)
    • Shall I Come Sweet Love to Thee? (Campion)
    • Sleepe Sleepe (Giles Earle's MS)
    • Sweet Cupid Ripen Her Desire (Corkine)
    • Sweet Kate (Jones)
    • Sweet Nymph Come to thy Lover (Morley)
    • There is a Garden in Her Face (Campion)
    • Under a Cypress Tree (Pilkington)
    • What if I Seek for Love (Jones)
    • When Laura Smiles (Rosseter)
    • When Lo! by Breake of Morning (Morley)
    • Why Dost Thou Turn Away? (Giles Earle's MS)
    • Woeful Heart with Grief Oppressed (Ford)