Wiener Urtext


C.P.E. Bach: Short Pieces for Organ

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    1. Composer: Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach
    2. Editor: Jochen Reutter
    3. Instrumentation: Organ
    4. ISMN: 979-050057184-1
    5. Size: 11.9 x 9.1 inches
    6. Pages: 116
    7. Urtext / Critical Edition

    Under the title of Kleinere Werke (Short Pieces), the second volume of organ works by Carl Philipp Emmanuel Bach in the Wiener Urtext Edition contains all works written by the composer except for the multi-movement sonatas for organ. The fugues, in particular, prove that C. Ph. E. Bach was an attentive pupil of his father. The pieces for musical clock are a varied selection of pieces in the style galant (a clear, uncomplicated style) which were originally written for mechanical instruments and which are best suited to be performed on the organ. Along with the organ sonatas published in Vol. 1, this is probably the most comprehensive collection of works for organ by Bach's second eldest son. For advanced players.

  • Contains the following pieces:
    1. Preludio in D Major, Wq. 70, No. 7, H 107
    2. Fugue in D Minor, Wq. 119, No. 2, H 99
    3. Fugue in F Major, Wq. 119, No. 3, H 100
    4. Fugue in G Minor, Wq. 119, No. 5, H 101.5
    5. Fugue in A Major, Wq. 119, No. 4, H 101
    6. Fantasy and Fugue in C Minor, Wq. 119, No. 7, H 75.5
    7. Fugue in E-flat Major (Earlier Version), Wq. 119, No. 6, H 102
    8. Fugue in E-flat Major (Later Version), Wq. 119, No. 6, H 102
    9. Trio in D Minor, H 352
    10. Chorale Prelude, BWV Anh. II 73
    11. Chorale Arrangement (Aus der Tiefen rufe ich), BWV Anh. 745
    12. 5 Chorales, H 336
    13. Fugue in D Minor, H 372
    14. Pieces for the Musical Clock or Barrel Organs, H 635