Comfort, Command & Control in the Trumpet Section

Basic Fundamentals of Effective Section Playing

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  • Author: Dan Collette
  • Format: Set of Parts & Workbook
  • ISMN: 979-020630002-8
  • Size: 9 x 12.0 inches
  • Pages: 198


To succeed as a trumpet player you must perform your section part impeccably, in rapport with the lead player. Think with the lead player's brain. Play it with him or her. Blow up to, not over his or her volume and intensity. Don't wait to hear what the lead player does or you'll be late. Vibrato comes from the lead player. If he's not using it, you're not using it. Dan Collette's book on lead and section trumpet playing is a very well thought out and extremely useful tool for all aspiring and professional trumpet players. in a "common sense" approach and playing in a variety of styles, Dan demonstrates and clearly explains his perspective of lead and section playing. The trumpet sectional "quartets" by Steve Guttman are excellent and the execution of these "etudes" on the CD as played by Dan Collette playing all 4 parts is flawless and nothing short of inspiring. This work should prove itself to be required listening and reading for all serious trumpet players.