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Casseus: Guitar Works

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    • Composer: Franz Casseus
    • Instrumentation: Guitar
    • ISMN: 979-020471721-7
    • Size: 9.1 x 11.9 inches

    Frantz Casséus (1915 - 1993) pioneered the introduction of the classical guitar in Haiti and is the acknow -ledged father of the Haitian classical guitar. His life project of composing original music which reflected thetraditions and ‘captured the spirit' of the music of his native Haiti may seem obvious from a contemporary standpoint: In the Haiti of the 1930s and 1940s, it was anything but. To imagine a fusion of the European classical tradition and Haitian folk music, and perceive the "Haitian spirit" as relevant and necessary to "the realm of transnational art" was a bold and shocking innovation. Cass?us carried out his project with great dedication, passion, aesthetic sensitivity, and lyric genius. Here we present a new edition of his guitar compositions collected and edited by Marc Ribot, his former pupil and Alberto Mesirca, who has issued a CD on the Basta! lable which contains nearly all the works in this volume.


    Haitian Suite: 1. Petro
    2. Yanvalloux
    3. Mascaron
    4. Coumbite
    Deux Pièces Caractéristiques: 1. Congo
    2. Rara
    Dance of the Hounsies
    On Sunday
    Prelude No. 1
    Serenade Lointaine
    Cahnson (Atibon)
    Prelude (No. 2)
    Romance (1978)
    Untitled July 17, 1957
    Works from Notebook No. 99: Lullaby in C Major
    Nan Guinin
    Etude No. 1
    Meringue No.2
    Untitled in A Major
    Chanson in A Major
    Chanson in E Minor
    Lullaby-Dodo Titit Manman
    Just for you and me
    Vie Bègue
    Haiti (original title: Haitian Merengue)
    Adieu Foulard (original title: Chanson Creole)
    Atibon (Version 2)
    Meringue Frangeul
    Ballad in B Minor
    Untitled (November 4-41)