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Burgmüller: 25 Etudes, Op. 100

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Friedrich Burgmüller would probably be completely forgotten today if he had not made his name with the easy but brilliant sounding etudes composed in his capacity as an experienced teacher. Born in Regensburg in 1806, he later became a very popular piano teacher in Paris; his appealing collections of studies Opp. 100, 105 and 109 still have a reputation as useful, melodious teaching material even today.

They show an insight into the problems of piano-playing which was unusually deep for the time, and confront pupils with diverse tasks, the mastery of which motivates every pupil to devote further study to these attractive musical miniatures. The development of technique is just as much a part of the programme as the comprehension of musical expression and artistic imaginativeness.

The clear pedagogic concept of Burgmüller's studies is doubtless unique, making them standard repertoire for every young pianist.