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Blues for Two

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    1. Author: Claus Henry Koch
    2. ISMN: 979-020630172-8
    3. Size: 9 x 12.0 inches
    4. Pages: 40

    This compilation of 16 duets is based on the 12-bar blues, one of the cornerstones of modern North American popular music. The duets feature grooves and riffs characteristic of different styles so players become familiar with the most essential vocabulary of jazz, swing, rock, funk, boogie and related genres.

    Titles: Introduction * Riffline * Typewriter Blues * Junior's Blues * Boogie Stop Blues * Pete's Party * Bean's Blues * Conservatory Blues * Funk in an Empty Bar * Half Step Blues * Triplet Blues * Ben's Groove * Lazy Town Blues * 50 Seconds Blues * Modus Apholodus * Mayor's Minor Blues * Shiftin' And Driftin'.