Bärenreiter Piano Album: from Handel to Ravel

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    1. ISMN: 979-000650233-2
    2. Size: 9.1 x 11.8 inches
    3. Pages: 48

    This collection contains 39 easy-to-play piano pieces from the Baroque to the Early Modern period and presents an ideal repertoire for music schools and private music-making. Conceived as a current supplement to Bärenreiter's popular anthology "Easy Classics for Piano" (BA 8758), it offers a wide-ranging repertoire which includes popular classical pieces but also small gems such as Chopin's "Contredanse" in G-flat Major as well as Satie's "Berceuse" and "Méditation". Tried and tested fingering by the experienced pianist and piano teacher Annette Töpel help players to learn the pieces more quickly. - Ideal for students, music-lovers and piano teachers - Tried and tested fingering - Practical page-turns From the contents: Chopin, "Préludes" in A Major and C Minor (Op. 28 nos. 7 and 20), Contredanse in G-flat Major, Schumann, "Bärentanz and Haschemann" / Bach, "Preludes" / Debussy, "The little shepherd" from "Children's Corner" / Mendelssohn, "Wedding March" / Brahms, "Waltz" in E Major (Op. 39 No. 5), Theme from the "Paganini Variations" (Op. 35), "Verstohlen geht der Mond auf" from Piano Sonata, Op. 1 (movt. 2) / Ravel, Prélude / Satie, "Berceuse" and "Méditation"