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Bach-Brahms: Chaconne in D Minor for the Left Hand

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    1. Composer: Johannes Brahms
    2. Editor: Valerie Woodring Goertzen
    3. Fingering: Markus Bellheim
    4. Instrumentation: Piano
    5. ISMN: 979-020181187-1
    6. Size: 9.3 x 12.2 inches
    7. Pages: 19
    8. Urtext / Critical Edition

    The D Minor Chaconne is undoubtedly the most famous movement of all of Bach's 6 Sonatas and Partitas for violin solo. So it is hardly surprising that it has seen many arrangements. Johannes Brahms marvelled at how a single staff of music could offer "a whole world of the deepest thoughts and the mightiest emotions". He promptly made his own arrangement; it is for left hand alone, in order to come close to the restrictive framework of the original. He wrote enthusiastically: "A similar degree of difficulty, the manner of technique, the arpeggios – everything comes together to make me feel like a violinist!"