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Wieniawski: Polonaise de concert No. 1, Op. 4

Polonaise brilliante

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The Polonaise de concert, Op. 4 is the first of two polonaises composed by Henryk Wieniawski.The original version of the Polonaise de concert was inspired by Karol Lipiński, to whom it is dedicated. When Wieniawski made the first draft of the Polonaise, in 1849, he had not yet learned the principles of counterpoint and harmony.

The Polonaise was composed in two versions: for violin with piano accompaniment, and for violin and orchestra. Also at this time, Wieniawski composed the Adagio élégiaque, Op. 5, which he recommended performing before the Polonaise, and both pieces were played in March 1853 in one of a series of nine concerts in Vienna. Wieniawski played his polonaises quite often. They are still popular today with artists and audiences alike and are among the composer's most frequently recorded works.