Segovia: Fandango de La Madrugada

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  • Composer: Andrés Segovia
  • Editor: Scott Tennant
  • Instrumentation: Guitar
  • Work: Fandango de la Madrugada
  • ISMN: 9790215914100
  • Size: 8.3 x 11.7 inches
  • Pages: 12


Scott Tennant was determined to record a number of Segovia's own compositions and arrangements and was fortunate to have the opportunity to do so on Segovia's own guitar. While compiling the repertoire for the project, he was presented with copies of manuscripts of a long-lost Fandango de la Madrugada with one "catch" - the original manuscript was in sad shape and, in part, unreadable. The second copy was a version that Segovia had made, perhaps trying to recreate his lost work. After considerable study and invention, Tennant has come up with a finished work which, as he says, "I believe he might have approved of."