Proksch: A Spaniard for Elise

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  • Composer: Michael Proksch
  • Instrumentation: Piano 4-hands
  • ISMN: 9790004181812
  • Size: 9.1 x 12.0 inches
  • Pages: 48

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Michael Proksch's "A Spaniard for Elise" is a collection of twelve exquisite pieces that are an irresistible treat for lovers of four-hand playing. You'll feel blissful "In Seventh Heaven" and full of joie de vivre on Paris's Pont-Neuf in "Seine Scene." You can join "Erik Satie, Surprised by the Fresh Country Air" and engage in a temperamental dialogue of styles in "A Spaniard for Elise." Enhancing the pedagogical value of this singular collection are comments on how to play the pieces, as well as a CD which can not only be listened to and enjoyed, but also used as a play-along version, as it carries individual tracks for the primo and secondo parts.


  • First Advances
  • Birthday Party
  • On the Ocean Floor
  • In Seventh Heaven
  • High Spirits
  • Seine Scene (Pont Neuf)
  • Erik Satie, surprised by the fresh Country Air
  • Gag-Time
  • Lesor
  • Breaking Coconuts
  • Tango Sambo
  • A Spaniard for Elise