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Naughty Bits for Cello - Extracts from String Quintets, Sextets and Octects

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Naughty bits – those tricky passages in chamber music that appear out of nowhere, and which can trip you up when it was all going so well. The "naughty bit" might be a passage in thumb position, a tricky rhythm, some awkward and unexpected accidentals, tenor or treble clef passages, or a run of fast notes – but wouldn't life be better if you had had a chance to practice those bits in advance? So here's the solution: a volume of those awkward passages for you to practice, selected from quintets, sextets and octets from the classical repertoire (both cello parts).

The publishers have used Peters Edition parts, except for Dvořák's works (IMC editions), in order to have their editors' fingering and bowing suggestions, which tend to be missing from urtext parts. A full explanation of how these excerpts have been selected, fingerings, bowings and tempi suggested etc is in the Foreward of this Naught Bits volume. Bar numbers relate to the relevant edition's parts.