Liszt: Easy Piano Pieces and Dances

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    • Composer: Franz Liszt
    • Editor: Michael Töpel
    • Instrumentation: Piano
    • ISMN: 979-000652022-0
    • Size: 9.1 x 11.8 inches
    • Pages: 31

    Besides the popular Consolations, it also includes Liszts delightful piano arrangements of Hungarian folk music and simplified versions he made of various pieces. Some miniatures from Liszts vast _uvre_ that were previously available only in obscure sources appear here for the first time in a collection.

  • Contains the following pieces:
    • Carrousel de Madame P[elet]-N[arbonne], R 60b (LW A271)
    • Weinachtslied (Christus ist geboren), S. 502 (LW A227)
    • Lullaby, R 58 (LW A303)
    • Abschied (Russian Folksong), S. 251 (LW A324)
    • Piano Piece in E Major, R 60 (LW A233/1)
    • Piano Piece in A-flat Major, R 44a (LW A116)
    • En rêve, S 207
    • Un portrait en musique. La Marquise de Blocqueville, R 65 (LW A241)
    • Two Piano Pieces, R 60 (LW A233/3, No. 4)
    • Two Hungarian Folksongs, R 108 (LW A263/2, No. 3)
    • Consolation No. 1 in E Major
    • Consolation No. 2 in E Major
    • Romance, R 66a (LW A148)