Liszt: Easy Piano Pieces and Dances

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    1. Composer: Franz Liszt
    2. Editor: Michael Töpel
    3. Instrumentation: Piano
    4. ISMN: 979-000652022-0
    5. Size: 9.1 x 11.8 inches
    6. Pages: 31

    Besides the popular Consolations, it also includes Liszts delightful piano arrangements of Hungarian folk music and simplified versions he made of various pieces. Some miniatures from Liszts vast uvre that were previously available only in obscure sources appear here for the first time in a collection.

  • Contains the following pieces:
    1. Carrousel de Madame P[elet]-N[arbonne], R 60b (LW A271)
    2. Weinachtslied (Christus ist geboren), S. 502 (LW A227)
    3. Lullaby, R 58 (LW A303)
    4. Abschied (Russian Folksong), S. 251 (LW A324)
    5. Piano Piece in E Major, R 60 (LW A233/1)
    6. Piano Piece in A-flat Major, R 44a (LW A116)
    7. En rêve, S 207
    8. Un portrait en musique. La Marquise de Blocqueville, R 65 (LW A241)
    9. Two Piano Pieces, R 60 (LW A233/3, No. 4)
    10. Two Hungarian Folksongs, R 108 (LW A263/2, No. 3)
    11. Consolation No. 1 in E Major
    12. Consolation No. 2 in E Major
    13. Romance, R 66a (LW A148)