Gubaidulina: Musical Toys

14 Piano Pieces for Children

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  • Composer: Sofia Gubaidulina
  • Instrumentation (this edition): Piano
  • Originally for: Piano
  • Work: Musical Toys
  • ISBN: 9784111612260
  • Size: 9.1 x 11.9 inches
  • Pages: 31


Composer Sofia Gubaidulina described these pieces as 'pictorial miniatures' that she would have liked to play as a child. Suitable for intermediate to advanced students.


  1. Mechanical Accordion
  2. Magic Roundabout
  3. The Trumpeter in the Forest
  4. The Magic Smith
  5. April Day
  6. Song of the Fisherman
  7. The Little Tit
  8. A Bear Playing the Double Bass and the Black Woman
  9. The Woodpecker
  10. The Elk Clearing
  11. Sleigh with Little Bells
  12. The Echo
  13. The Drummer
  14. Forest Musicians