Couperin: Piéces de clavecin - Volume 1 (1713)

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    1. Composer: François Couperin
    2. Editor: Denis Herlin
    3. Instrumentation: Piano
    4. ISMN: 979-000650561-6
    5. Size: 9.6 x 12.2 inches
    6. Pages: 128
    7. Urtext / Critical Edition

    The original edition of the first volume of Couperin's "Pièces de clavecin" (1713), supervised by the composer himself, is noteworthy for its extraordinary notational precision. It contains exacting performance instructions, for which Couperin created his own symbols. This new Urtext edition in a modern engraving retains the essential features of the original print, such as the distinction between curved ties and straight legato slurs, thereby giving today's players fascinating insights into the special sound of this music.

    The edition also presents conflicting versions of several pieces as well as an anonymous work possibly attributable to Couperin. A detailed Foreword, notes on period performance practice and facsimile illustrations round off this edition, making it indispensable to all admirers and performers of French harpsichord music.