Bärenreiter Piano Album: Contemporary Music for 2- and 4-Hands

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    1. Composers: York Höller, Vassos Nicolaou, George Benjamin, Olav Lervik, Luke Bedford, Marco Stroppa
    2. Editors: Tobias Bleek, Michael Töpel
    3. Instrumentation: Piano 4-hands, Piano
    4. ISMN: 979-000654082-2
    5. Size: 9.1 x 11.8 inches
    6. Pages: 81

    This album of piano works proves that contemporary music can inspire children and adults of quite different musical abilities and interests. The edition developed out of an extremely successful education project run by the Klavier-Festival Ruhr. The series began in 2007 with the aim of presenting contemporary piano music in collaboration with the internationally-renowned pianists Pierre-Laurent Aimard and Tamara Stefanovich.

    The first publications in this edition provide valuable additions to the easy to medium technical difficulty repertoire for piano two and four hands. in the versions for piano four hands, one part is kept sufficiently easy for the less experienced pianists to play. The versions for piano two hands will be exciting discoveries for the more advanced player.

    Commentaries on the works and performance tips enrich the album. in addition, all the pieces are presented interactively on the Klavier-Festival Ruhr website by the participating pianists and composers.

  • Contains the following pieces:
    1. L. Bedford: Give Him His Hat
    2. L. Bedford: Give Him His Hat (4-hand version)
    3. G. Benjamin: Two or Four (2-hand version)
    4. G. Benjamin: Two or Four (4-hand version)
    5. Höller: Solo play
    6. Höller: Duo play
    7. Lervik: Imbalances I
    8. Lervik: Imbalances II
    9. Nicolaou: astronauts
    10. Nicolaou: scene
    11. Stroppa: Le marteau fantôme (2-hand version)
    12. Stroppa: Le marteau fantôme (4-hand version)