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Barber: 65 Songs

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    • Editor: Richard Walters
    • ISBN: 978-1-4234-9126-2
    • Size: 9.1 x 12.0 inches
    • Pages: 288

    Manuscripts from the Library of Congress and other sources were consulted for all songs. The edition includes extensive historical information about each song, a lengthy and insightful article about Barber, and facsimiles of selected manuscripts.

    **Songs published during the composer 's lifetime:**
    \- Three Songs, Op. 2: The Daisies; With rue my heart is laden; Bessie Bobtail
    \- Three Songs, Op. 10: Rain has fallen; Sleep now; I hear an army
    \- Four Songs, Op. 13: A Nun Takes the Veil; The Secrets of the Old; Sure on this shining night; Nocturne
    \- Two Songs, Op. 18: The queen's face on the summery coin; Monks and Raisins
    \- Nuvoletta, Op. 25
    \- Mélodies passagères, Op. 27: Puisque tout passé; Un cygne; Tombeau dans un parc; Le clocher chante; Départ
    \- Hermit Songs, Op. 29: At Saint Patrick's Purgatory; Church Bell at Night; St. Ita's Vision; The Heavenly Banquet; The Crucifixion; Sea-Snatch; Promiscuity; The Monk and His Cat; The Praises of God; The Desire for Hermitage
    \- Despite and Still, Op. 41: A Last Song; My Lizard (Wish for Young Love); in the Wilderness; Solitary Hotel; Despite and Still
    \- Three Songs, Op. 45: Now have I fed and eaten up the rose; A Green Lowland of Pianos; O boundless, boundless evening

    **Songs published posthumously (first published in this edition noted with *):**
    \- Ask me to rest *
    \- Au claire de lune *
    \- Beggar's Song
    \- Fantasy in Purple *
    \- in the dark pinewood
    \- La nuit *
    \- Love at the Door
    \- Love's Caution
    \- Man *
    \- Mother, I cannot mind my wheel
    \- Music, when soft voices die *
    \- Night Wanderers
    \- Of that so sweet imprisonment
    \- Peace *
    \- Serenader
    \- A Slumber Song of the Madonna
    \- Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening *
    \- Strings in the earth and air *
    \- There's nae lark
    \- Three Songs, The Words from Old England: Lady, when I behold the roses *; An Earnest Visit to His Unkind Mistress Not to Forsake Him *; Hey nonny no!
    \- Two Poems of the Wind: Little Children of the Wind *; Longing *
    \- Two Songs of Youth: I never thought that youth would go *; Invocation to Youth
    \- Watchers *
    \- Who carries corn and crown *