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Black Women Composers: Piano Music (1893-1990)

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    1. Composers: L. Viola Kinney, Regina Harris Baiocchi, Philippa Schuyler, Dorothy Rudd Moore, Mary Lou Williams, Estelle Ricketts, Zenobia Powell Perry, Florence Price, Mable Bailey, Amanda Aldridge, Tania León, Joyce Solomon, Betty Jackson King, Lena McLin, Julia Perry, Margaret Bonds, Valeri Capers, Undine Smith Moore, Anna Goodwin
    2. Instrumentation: Piano
    3. UPC: 680160101856
    4. Size: 8.7 x 11.9 inches
  • Contains the following pieces:
    1. Ricketts: Rippling Spring Waltz
    2. Goodwin: Cuban Liberty
    3. Kinney: Mother's Sacrifice
    4. A. Aldridge: Prayer Before Battle from 4 Moorish Pictures
    5. Price: Fantasie Negre
    6. M.L. Williams: Nite Life
    7. Perry: Prelude
    8. U.S. Moore: Before I'd Be a Slave
    9. King: Spring Intermezzo
    10. Schuyler: Fortune Favored the Bold Player (from the White Nile Suites)
    11. León: Prelude No. 1: "Sorpresa" ("Surprise")
    12. León: Prelude No. 2: "Pecera" ("Aquarium")
    13. Bonds: Troubled Water
    14. McLin: A Summer Day
    15. Capers: Blues for "The Duke"
    16. Capers: A Taste of Bass
    17. Capers: Billi's Song
    18. Baiocchi: Etude No. 2
    19. D.R. Moore: A Little Whimsy
    20. Solomon: A Summer Afternoon in South Carolina (Third Movement)
    21. Bailey: Prankster
    22. Perry: Hommage (To William Levi Dawson)