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The Hall Johnson Collection

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  • Arranger: Hall Johnson
  • Format: Book with Audio Download
  • Instrumentation: Piano, Voice
  • Work Language: English
  • ISBN: 9780825849640
  • Size: 9.0 x 12.0 inches


This massive collection of vocal solos from the works of Hall Johnson displays his understanding of the spiritual genre, the human voice, and the tonal, harmonic colors that permeate the depth of the African-American musical experience. More than 50 songs and classic favorites are featured in this compilation, with downloadable performance recordings for reference and stylistic modeling.


  • Oh, Rise an' Shine
  • When de Saints Come Marchin' in
  • Cert'n'y, Lord
  • My God Is So High
  • Hallelujah!
  • in Bright Mansions Above
  • Doncher Let Nobody Turn You Roun'
  • Run, Sinner, Run!
  • You Better Min'!
  • Dere's No Hidin' Place Down Dere
  • Some o' Dese Days
  • I Want to Be Ready
  • De Ol' Ark's a Moverin'
  • Witness
  • My Lord's a-Writin' All de Time
  • Go down, Moses
  • Oh, Mary, Doncher Weep
  • Lord, I Don't Feel Noways Tired
  • Joshua Fit de Battle of Jericho
  • I Can't Stay Away
  • Death's Go'n'ter Lay His Col', Icy Hands on Me
  • De Blin' Man Stood on de Road an' Cried
  • Hail! De King of Babylon!
  • March On!
  • Hallelujah! King Jesus
  • Give Me Jesus
  • Crucifixion
  • Fi-yer! (Fire!)
  • His Name So Sweet
  • Honor! Honor!
  • I Got to Lie Down
  • I'm Go'n'ter Tell God All o' My Troubles
  • My Good Lord Done Been Here
  • Oh, Glory!
  • Ride on, King Jesus!
  • Steal Away
  • Hol' de Light
  • Take My Mother Home
  • What Kinder Shoes
  • Witness
  • I Cannot Stay Here by Myself
  • John Henry
  • On the Dusty Road
  • At the Feet of Jesus
  • The Courtship
  • David
  • The Foundling
  • I'm Callin'
  • Cert'n'y, Lord
  • Mother to Son
  • River Chant