Black Women Composers: Piano Music (1893-1990)

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  • Ricketts: Rippling Spring Waltz
  • Goodwin: Cuban Liberty
  • Kinney: Mother's Sacrifice
  • A. Aldridge: Prayer Before Battle from 4 Moorish Pictures
  • Price: Fantasie Negre
  • M.L. Williams: Nite Life
  • Perry: Prelude
  • U.S. Moore: Before I'd Be a Slave
  • King: Spring Intermezzo
  • Schuyler: Fortune Favored the Bold Player (from the White Nile Suites)
  • León: Prelude No. 1: "Sorpresa" ("Surprise")
  • León: Prelude No. 2: "Pecera" ("Aquarium")
  • Bonds: Troubled Water
  • McLin: A Summer Day
  • Capers: Blues for "The Duke"
  • Capers: A Taste of Bass
  • Capers: Billi's Song
  • Baiocchi: Etude No. 2
  • D.R. Moore: A Little Whimsy
  • Solomon: A Summer Afternoon in South Carolina (Third Movement)
  • Bailey: Prankster
  • Perry: Hommage (To William Levi Dawson)