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Solo Tango for Piano

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    1. Composers: Ángel Villoldo, Pablo Vázquez, Domingo Santa Cruz, Vicente Greco, Carlos Gardel, Rosendo Mendizábal, Eduardo Arolas
    2. Arranger: Gustavo Beytelmann
    3. Instrumentation: Piano
    4. ISMN: 979-000808139-2
    5. Size: 9.1 x 12.0 inches

    Gustavo Beytelmann has taken some of the most beautiful tango music ever written and created his own arrangements for solo piaNo. His collection shows how varied the genre is.

    Beytelmann shows too how technically varied these works can be. Each of the pieces features specific performance techniques such as accents, tempo changes, balance and attack and he advises "Spend some time concentrating on these elements and you will find the works even more enjoyable."

    These immensely rewarding pieces are equally suited to the concert stage as to the piano lesson.


    Arolas, Eduardo: Comme il faut
    Gardel, Carlos: Cuesta abajo
    Gardel, Carlos: El dia que me quieras
    Mendizábal, Rosendo: El entrerriano
    Villoldo, Angel: El esquinazo
    Arolas, Eduardo: El marne
    Villoldo, Angel: El portenito
    Vázquez, Pablo José: La loca de amor
    Greco, Vicente: Ojos negros
    Santa, Cruz Domingo: Union civica