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Hinner: Duo, Op. 8, No. 3

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Rediscovering, studying and analyzing the musical art of Philipp Joseph Hinner means enhancing a piece of the eighteenth-century harp music mosaic. Hinner's work intrigues for its extraordinary simplicity, for its regularity and harmony; the ordered balance of the parts, symmetry and sense of proportion are essential elements for the author, and give character and unity to his work.

This work consists of three duets for two harps, simple sonatinas in two movements, typically an Allegro followed by a Rondo (with a section in the Minor key) or a minuet. The parts of the two harps are balanced and concertante: one is entrusted with the thematic proposal which is then exchanged with the other harp, but there are also sections in which the two harps play together in unison or in a homorhythmic way. Hinner's opus 8, originally written in separate parts for two harps, is hereby presented, updated and completed with its score, for a thorough perception of the work.