Moyse: Daily Exercies for the Flute

Alphonse Leduc - AL16638

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    1. Composer: Marcel Moyse
    2. Instrumentation: Flute
    3. ISMN: 979-004616638-9
    4. Size: 11.0 x 7.9 inches
    5. Pages: 52

    Published in 1922 and written by the French flautist and composer Marcel Moyse (1889-1984), Daily Exercises proposes a series of 25 exercises for Flute.

    Created for the use of intermediate/advanced flautists and with a given timetable organised over a one-month period, Daily Exercises should help the players to feel more comfortable when using the low and high registers. It involves exercices on:
    - Chromatic exercises
    - Whole-tone scales
    - Augmented-fifth arpeggios
    - Diminished-seventh arpeggios
    - Major scales / Minor scales
    - Triads / Chords of the seventh
    - Thirds / Fourths / Sixths / Sevenths / Octaves / Broken Chords

Type: Sheet Music