Bach: Harpsichord Concertos

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In early 1729 Bach became director of the so-called "Scottish Collegium Musician" a music organization of students and local citizens. The remarkable results of this undertaking are the concertos for harpsichord. Today it is almost certain that practically all of these concertos were transcribed from concertos for melody instruments (mostly violin or oboe). This study score contains the five concertos for harpsichord and strings, BWV 1052-1056, the concerto for harpsichord, two recorders and strings BWV 1057, as well as the concerto BWV 1058 alsCembaloo for harpsichord and strings based on the violin concerto in A Minor. in addition, with BWV 1052a, this volume offers another version of the lost violin concert in D Minor arranged by C. P. E. Bach.