Bartók: 14 Bagatelles, Op. 6

Kalmus - 00-K03123

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    1. Composer: Béla Bartók
    2. Instrumentation: Piano
    3. ISBN: 978-0-7579-1752-3
    4. Pages: 40

    The 14 Bagatelles, Op. 6, by Bela Bartok are significant because they represent the first piano works to be born from a genuine folk idiom and molded into Bartók's new compositional style. Bartok said of these pieces: In these, a new piano style appears as a reaction to the exuberance of the romantic piano music of the nineteenth century, a style stripped of all unessential decorative elements, using only the most restricted technical means.

  • Syllabi containing pieces in this book include:
    1. MTAC Piano 2012: Level 9
    2. RCM Piano 2015: Grade 10

Type: Sheet Music