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Album of Solo Pieces for the Harp - Volume 1

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    1. Composers: Franz Poenitz, Gabriel Fauré, Margaret Hoberg, Albert Zabel, Woldemar Loukine, Alphonse Hasselmans
    2. Editor: Anna Louise David
    3. Instrumentation: Harp
    4. ISMN: 979-058007051-7
    5. Size: 9.1 x 11.9 inches
    6. Pages: 44

    This is a reprint of the 1916 Boston edition

    * W. Loukine: Prelude
    * Franz Poenitz: The Music-Box (Die Spieldose)
    * A. Hasselmans: Prayer (Priere)
    * A. Hasselmans: Will-o'-the Wisp (Follets)
    * Gabriel Fauré: Slumber-song (Berceuse de Dolly)
    * A. Zabel: Marguerite at the Spinning-wheel (Marguerite au rouet)
    * Margaret Hoberg: Polonaise